Solar Shades - Planning Fall Window Treatments

Planning Your Fall Window Treatments

Summertime in North Carolina has a lot of charms: sunny days, cool nights, and plenty to do and see. But as summer wanes, many of us find our thoughts turning to the approaching autumn, and its majestic colors, cooler weather, and warm harvest glow. And while you may have considered changing your wardrobe and bracing yourself for pumpkin-spice-flavored everything, one area of autumnal upgrades you might not have thought about is planning your fall window treatments.

As with the other seasons of the year, your autumn window treatments are largely a matter of personal taste and individual need. We’ve put together a quick trio of tips to help you plan ahead for the days when the mercury, like the leaves, will begin to fall.


Change up Your Existing Window Treatments

Whether you’ve got shades, shutters, blinds, curtains, or a combination, the same window treatments you’ve been relying on all summer long to help reduce UV exposure, protect your privacy, or control ambient heat and light can be easily adjusted to give you fabulous fall functionality.

For example, cellular shades or solar shades that have spent the summer drawn against the blazing sun can now be raised (or lowered, in a bottom/up configuration) to allow maximum sunlight during fall’s shorter days while still preserving privacy and reducing UV. And if things heat up during a day or two of Indian Summer, they can easily be put back to protective duty to maximize your energy efficiency and comfort.

Solar Shades - Planning Fall Window Treatments

If you use motorization on your home’s window treatments (or are interested in adding it), autumn is a good time to adjust your timers (if any) to compensate for the change in both length and quantity of available light. Keep in mind you’ll probably be spending more time in different rooms (as well as more time indoors in general) as fall gets going, so you might want to review the needs your family has in individual rooms.

Bring Autumn’s Majesty Indoors

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, changing your decor for the fall season probably includes rich fall colors and materials that offer superior warmth as well as style. Autumn is a very popular time to incorporate natural themes into your home’s designscape, including earth tones, bright oranges, reds, and yellows that echo the changing leaves, and heavier, richer, warmer materials for furniture, accent throws and pillows, and curtains.

Your window treatments can act as the anchor for your room’s decor, and two of the most engaging approaches are A) choosing neutral, fall-friendly colors with a splash of accent colors or B) Choosing fall-themed fabrics and colors for your window treatments and echoing their dominant themes and colors in the accent pieces you choose.

Fall Colors in your Window Treatments

But in addition to picking a theme and changing out your summer sheers for heavier drapes in festive, fall-friendly shades, you might want to consider making a cue from nature by switching out your blinds.

Faux wood blinds not only have the rugged good looks of real wood, but offer superior moisture resistance and are easy to clean and maintain. Available in a wide range of finishes, they pair well with just about any autumnal design scheme while still allowing you to control light, and are available with motorization for easy integration and adjustment.

Faux Wood Window Treatment

Add Personal Fall Touches for a Finished Look

Fall means so many things to different people. For some, the smell of woodsmoke and the beauty of nature dominate the season, while others revel in the cozy comfort of a fireside cocoa and a clean, modern warmth. Small touches, such as candles in your favorite fall scents, art and decorative pieces with autumn themes, and rugs, throws, and pillows in snuggly, comfortable fabrics can all help accentuate the “fall feeling” of your home.

Fall is also an excellent time to make nature part of your home’s landscape. Seasonal arrangements, including wreaths, make for a homey touch, while hand-gathered sunflowers, cornstalks, and decorative gourds set the stage for a happy harvest. Coordinating your soft window treatments with autumn colors and items can create a cohesive look that’s cozy and chic.

Fall Decor Window Treatments

No matter your autumn aesthetic, the best window treatments for your home are the ones that serve your needs while providing a look you’ll love. Why not reach out to the friendly experts at Made in the Shade for a free in-home consultation? We’re excited to help you find the perfect blend of fall fashionability and flexible functionality your windows deserve.