skylight shades

Beautiful skylight shades for a Badin Lake, NC House Remodel

Remodeling a house can start to feel very overwhelming. Hiring a designer to manage and advise on a home remodeling project is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. At Made in the Shade Raleigh, we work with designers for all types of projects regarding treating the windows in a home. 

Remodeling a home is a big project. And oftentimes, you don’t need every window covering in the house replaced. In those instances, our team will customize window coverings to match the existing ones in your home. For our client in Badin Lake, NC, that was exactly the case. 

The windows in the bonus room of this lake house required some specialty care. The arched windows required custom shades. 

Custom shutters for arched windows

Made in the Shade Raleigh specializes in custom shutters for all types of rooms and all shapes of windows. Not all windows or rooms are created equal. Design, shade and light are all elements that go into creating a space. There are no limits to creativity. And at Made in the Shade, our expert craftsmanship and professional design can accommodate any need. 

For this home, some of the windows are arched. We selected Norman Window Fashions Plantation Shutters in pure white for this job. Norman Window Fashions provides superior quality by sourcing top materials globally and with world-class facilities to accommodate the most discerning clients.

Skylight shades options

The bonus room also had skylight windows which caused unwanted glare and increased the temperature of the room on sunny days. 

Skylights add light to a room where traditional windows may not be an option due to structural limitations or wall size. Controlling the sunlight from a skylight can be challenging depending on the size of the window or how tall the ceilings are. 

There are a couple of choices for skylight shades. Classic manual skylight shades are operated by hand or with a telescoping pole. The classic skylight shades offer the most flexibility. They can be mounted inside or outside the window frame and stacked on the window’s top, bottom or side. They can also accommodate skylights up to 72 inches wide. Vertically, sloped or horizontally positioned skylights can use a classic, manual shade.

Motorized skylight shades allow you to open and close the shade with the touch of a remote button. Motorized shades can be used on skylights up to 48 inches wide and only for skylights positioned vertically or sloped. Motorized skylight shades are mounted inside the window frame and can be stacked only at the bottom of the window.

For the bonus room in Badin Lake, we chose the Alta Motorized Honeycomb Shade since the windows were sloped. These shades can be operated via a remote or a mobile app.

No matter what unique spaces you need covered, Made in the Shade Raleigh and our professional designers and installers can help you create a space full of light, color and, of course, shade!

Project Information:

Project budget: $10,000

Time for project completion: 8 weeks

Products used: 

Norman Window Fashions Plantation Shutters-Woodlore

Color: Pure white

Louver size: 2 1/2 inches

Outside mount beaded L frame

2 panels per window

Divider rail

Eco-friendly Wood composite shutter but a world-class manufacturer with state-of-the-art facilities


Alta Motorized 3/8″ Honeycomb Shade

Color/Fabric: Bella Vista Blackout -Brisk White

Honeycomb shade for sloped windows

Operation: Bliss rechargeable battery operated motor; 15 channel remote; can be operated w/mobile app