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Motorized Room darkening shades for Church windows

While often used interchangeably, room darkening shades and blackout shades are different. Room darkening shades reduce approximately 95-99 percent of light entering a room. In comparison, blackout shades can sometimes eliminate up to 100% of light.

Room darkening roller shades

Room darkening roller shades have a light gap on either side of the product. It’s typically a bigger gap than most other window treatment options, which is why they don’t eliminate light to a blackout level. This is due to the location of the controls on the side of the shade, meaning the roll must be smaller than the headrail.

For most rooms that need light control, room darkening is sufficient. Bedrooms are common areas where room darkening shades work well. The halo of light provided from the leaking in on the sides provides enough ambient light to move around the room safely and allow for light control. 

Typically, room darkening shades are a solution for keeping light out of a room. Homeowners want control over the light entering a space and an option to reduce glare.

Other times, the light in a building is bothersome to neighbors and needs to be controlled going out. That was the case with this Raleigh neighborhood church. The church had large stairwells where the interior lights needed to be kept on at all times for safety and security purposes. 

The light from the stairwell’s windows was too bright and caused complaints from residents in the neighboring subdivision. The church asked for room darkening shades to reduce the amount of light that shone through the windows. Since the windows were high up, a motorized option was recommended.

We installed Insolroll motorized roller shades with a bronze fascia to match their trim and give a clean finished appearance. Motorized roller shades bring efficiency, convenience and safety to window treatment control. 

Smart Shades

Motorized shades are the preferred option for windows that are too high to reach or when the window is large and window treatments are too heavy to operate manually. Window shades technology has made huge advancements in how to operate them efficiently.

For the motorized roller shades in the church, we hardwired them into the electrical system of the building. This eliminated the need for batteries and eventual battery replacement. They also made the operation of the shades quieter and faster.

Additionally, we used the Somfy TaHoma Bridge technology to set the shades to operate on a timer. The shades could then automatically deploy when the sun started to set, and the stairwell light became too bright for the neighbors. The bridge also allowed the church to set schedules to raise the shades in the mornings.

The TaHoma Bridge technology also enabled church employees to operate the shades through an app on their phones or tablet. Watch the video below to see all the features of the TaHoma bridge.

Homes and public buildings benefit from room-darkening shades. Coupled with the advanced technology enabling timers, schedules and voice-activated operation, they make an elegant addition to any space. 

Room darkening also helps with temperature control and makes a space more energy efficient, saving the homeowner on cooling costs. Privacy is the second biggest reason for room darkening window treatments. Whether you are keeping light in or keeping it out, roller shades can provide a practical and attractive solution for your home. 

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Project Information:

Products Used:
Insolroll Motorized Roller Shade
Fabric/Color: Nocturne, Color Nimbus
Bronze Metal Fascia
Motor: IQM-ACR motor hardwired
Tahoma Bridge: enables client to operate shades from their phone/tablet and set schedules, including to raise and lower the shade at sunrise/sunset

Project budget: $3,300

Project duration: 2 weeks

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