Exterior Aluminum Shutters

Exterior Shutters: Style Options & Price Point

Exterior shutters can transform the look and feel of your home. More than just curb appeal and character, they protect against severe storms and high winds and block out sunlight and heat while adding beautiful aesthetics.

However, with a superior look and quality comes a higher price tag.

In this article, we explain some of the design options you have when selecting exterior shutters along with a few of the associated features.

Exterior Shutter Options

Exterior shutters are made from durable powder-coated aluminum, designed to weather the elements and be maintenance-free. They come in a handful of colors, or you can select a custom color to match your existing decor. Louver sizes include 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5in options.

Fixed Panel Exterior Shutters

Often used in commercial settings to block the sun and provide privacy as well as in residential settings, a fixed panel shutter will provide operable louvers, however, the panel itself is not operable.  Fixed panels can come in a horizontal or vertical application, and have some of the same properties as a privacy fence.


Multi-Fold Exterior Shutters

Multi-fold exterior shutters allow the perfect indoor-outdoor living experience. Not only do the louvers operate, but so do the panels, therefore, you can close off an area when necessary or open it when you want to combine spaces. Multi-fold shutters can replace the need for doors or windows in certain settings. The panels fold back so they are out of the way, giving you full access to your space. Similar to a bi-fold interior shutter with the durability to weather the exterior elements, multi-fold shutters are a great solution for an outdoor living area.


Sliding Exterior Shutters

Sliding exterior shutters are another great solution for creating an indoor-outdoor living experience. Made of the highest quality components, exterior shutters will withstand repetitive use. They provide privacy while also reducing exposure to weather elements such as wind, rain, and sun.  Choose the color that best complements your home’s aesthetic.


Bahama & Hurricane Rated Exterior Shutters

Whether for protection or looks, this maintenance-free shutter comes in matte, semi-gloss, anodized & textured wood grain powder coated aluminum. Rotate the louvers and lock them in place, Bahama and security shutters give you protection without sacrificing style. These exterior solutions operate on a gas spring mechanism.


What Factors Affect the Cost of Your Exterior Shutters?

The cost of exterior shutters can vary but usually range from $65-$85 per square foot, substantially higher than indoor plantation shutters. Here are some factors to consider with regard to exterior shutter pricing:

  • Shutter Location: Is the installation on the ground level or will it require a high ladder? Windows on upper floors or over a balcony will incur higher fees due to installation complexity and risk factors.
  • Installation Material: What material is the shutters being mounted into, such as stone, brick, wood, etc.  Special equipment is necessary for some mounting surfaces and the time it takes to mount into harder surfaces also factors into pricing.  Keep in mind, for exterior shutters to be maintenance-free and withstand the elements, they have to be made of the highest quality components and aluminum, thus, the high price tag.
  • Window size: Exterior shutters are very heavy.  Wider panels will require multiple installers at one time and will impact the cost.

Pocket-Friendly Exterior Shutter Installation in Raleigh

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