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Window Treatments for Doors – Creating the Perfect Passage

We love it when a client finds just the right look for the windows throughout their home. From transoms to garden windows to bays and skylights, every window has a chance to shine with style and sass when properly dressed. But one area you might not have given much thought to is how you’ll dress those magical points of entry and exit that do double duty as both windows and doors. If you’ve got French, patio, or Dutch doors in your home or office, take a look at our suggestions for the best window treatments for doors to achieve maximum fashionability and function.

French Doors

Whether they connect you with the outside world or simply provide passage to another part of your home, French doors are an elegant and timeless way to add beauty, privacy, and panache. Dressing them is, as always, a matter of personal style and utility, but we’re especially taken with the idea of dressing external French doors—leading out to your porch, patio, deck, or veranda—with sturdy and attractive shutters. Not only do shutters provide you with an excellent way to control light while still enjoying the view, they also add value to your home! Shutters are clean, modern, and unobtrusive, and can be mounted internally or externally. Another potential solution is solar shades, which will help cut glare and protect your interiors from damaging UV while still allowing for light control and access to views. They’re also incredibly durable and energy-efficient, and like shutters, can be mounted outside or inside.


For internal French doors, we recommend roman shades with coordinating drapery (a great solution if you’re looking to maximize privacy for a bedroom, den, or office).

Roman window treatments for doors

Patio Doors

Designed to provide easy access with a view, patio or sliding doors are often deployed as gatekeepers between a home’s interior and exterior living spaces. As with French doors, dressing them means finding the right balance between beauty, utility, and convenience. Traditionally, vertical blinds have been the go-to solution for patio door owners across the Raleigh area (and the country). They are easy to use, come in a wide range of styles and materials, and provide privacy when you need it (and tuck out of the way when you don’t).

vertical blinds

Drapes and other soft window treatments, either paired with vertical blinds or used alone, are another popular option for patio doors. Drapes give you the freedom to maximize privacy and coordinate your patio door with your overall design scheme. They also layer well and can, with vertical blinds, create an attractive, polished look.

soft window treatments for doors

Finally, one option you might not have considered for your patio door is cellular shades. Extremely chic and modern, these high-tech window treatments are flexible, durable, and have a host of benefits. They are the most energy-efficient window treatment—important in both freezing winters and roasting summers—and they come in a wide range of opacities and fabrics to ensure your privacy and sense of style are both satisfied.

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A Special Case: Dutch Doors

Split in half horizontally, rather than vertically—and usually flanked by a pair of coordinating windows on either side—Dutch doors are an unusual and attractive addition to a home. The secret to dressing these unique beauties is coordination. Pick your favorite window treatment (we’re fond of woven wood shades for an all-natural look, or classic pleated shades to create an attractive and welcoming finish) and tie the whole entryway together with one neat, functional look. You’ll probably even save some money with a Dutch door, since you’ll only need half the materials you’d have to purchase to finish a full-length French or patio door.

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Picking out window treatments for doors doesn’t have to be daunting. The friendly experts at Made in the Shade Raleigh are standing by to help you create the perfect passageway or dapper doorway for your home. Drop us a line, and we’ll arrange for a free in-home consultation to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and design the ideal solution for your needs, budget, and style.