Window Treatment Ideas for Casement Windows and Skylights

Windows play an integral part in the everyday life of a home. We rely on them for light, ventilation, and a view of the outside world. And many of us find a way to further enhance their beauty and utility by adding window treatments to give us greater control over light and airflow while enjoying a finished look. But some windows are a little different than their standard double-hung or slide-style siblings. Two special varieties of window—skylights and casement windows—require some special consideration when choosing a window treatment, and so we’ve put together a quick overview of our favorite window treatment ideas to dress them up.

No Need to Get Cranky: Casement Windows

If you’re looking for an easy way to maximize airflow and remove any obstacles between yourself and the vistas beyond your walls, then you probably already love casement windows. Because they open out (or in) with the turn of a crank, casement windows are easy to operate and also present some unique opportunities for window dressing. Soft treatments, such as drapery and fabric panels, are popular because they provide a frame for the window without interfering with its functionality (and can be easily adjusted to keep a polished look whether the window is opened or closed).

soft window treatment

However, instead of (or in addition to!) soft treatments, you can use roman shades with an outside mount to create a clean and modern look that’s packed with functionality. Roman shades give you a wide range of materials and colors to choose from, are extremely durable (especially important for windows that get a lot of use) and pair well with motorization and cordless installs to ensure maximum safety and convenience. You can also try framing your casement window with outside-mount layered shades for flexible and fashionable light and air control. They pair extremely well with soft treatments, and can slip out of sight when not needed while giving you a range of options for light and privacy when required.

layered window treatment ideas


Stylish and Simple Skylight Solutions

Bringing loads of natural light and stunning views to any room, skylights are a popular choice with folks who want to bring more of the outdoors into their home. But as with all windows, the right window treatment can add even more value and functionality to your skylights. All that extra light is wonderful, but in a bedroom or living area, being able to control light, airflow, and privacy is essential.

That’s why we love to suggest cellular shades to our customers who have skylights in their home or office. Not only do these fashionable and functional shades give you a complete range of privacy options (from nearly transparent to total blackout), but they’re also energy efficient. Their unique shape traps air, providing greater insulation, and they block UV to help protect your furnishings. They’re also a natural fit with motorization and cordless options, making them not only safer, but so easy to use (an especially valuable option if you have high ceilings and plan to use your shades regularly). You can even connect motorized cellular shades to your home automation system, so you can maximize light when you want it and privacy and protection when you don’t.

cellular shade window treatment idea

Getting the most out of your home’s windows with smart and beautiful window treatments doesn’t have to be a “pane”! Whether you’re styling a skylight or coordinating your casements, the friendly experts at Made in the Shade Raleigh are here to help. Get in touch, and we’ll arrange a free in-home consultation to help you choose beautiful and functional window treatments for every room of your home.