window treatment myths

Five Common Window Treatment Myths

What Is a Window Treatment?

Before we get into a window treatment myth, let’s first talk about what window treatment is. A window treatment is simply a decoration around a window on the inside of the house. It consists of a few simple elements, in addition to the shades, shutters, or blinds covering the window itself:

  • A valence is a piece of fabric that runs along the length of the top of the window
  • Drapes hanging to the sides of the window, which you can open or close to control the light level.
  • Window coverings such as blinds, shades, or shutters

Window Treatments Misbelief

Homeowners might hear about window treatments from other members of the community – or in movies or on TV – and think they are too elaborate or complex for a typical home. They may have heard about a contractor who made a mistake installing a window treatment or a DIY installation that went wrong, making them believe a window treatment isn’t right for them.

Window Treatments Misconception

Sometimes myths about window treatments persist because people misunderstand what window treatment is. Perhaps it sounds like a luxury item, out of reach of most homeowners. Maybe it sounds too complex, both as a construction project and as an interior design feature.

Window treatments add value to homes in many ways. While a wide variety of treatments are available, they are not overly complex or beyond the reach of typical homeowners. As you consider whether a window treatment is right for you, set aside these five persistent myths about window treatments.

Window Treatment Myth #1: Window Treatments Cost Too Much Money

Costs vary for different window treatments depending on which features are present, the type of material used, and the addition of options such as motorized shades or blinds. However, they can be quite affordable.

The cost of window treatments can be offset by their ability to increase the resale value of your home. Durable window treatment features, such as shutters, are a lasting part of the room’s décor. As such, they add value more than blinds or shades.

Window Treatment Myth #2: Window Treatments Won’t Add Much to My House

Window treatments are more than just decoration. They offer tangible benefits as well as aesthetic beauty. Window treatments provide the following benefits:

  • Control of the room’s color balance and light level
  • Creating a focal point for the aesthetic of the house
  • Enhancing the room’s insulation

Window Treatment Myth #3: Window Treatments Take a Long Time to Install

Shade and blind installation can take as little as 20 to 30 minutes, and more elaborate installations typically take no longer than an afternoon.

Window Treatment Myth #4: Window Treatments Are Cumbersome and Hard to Use

Homeowners often operate window treatments using simple cords and pulleys. For added convenience, window treatments can be motorized, allowing the homeowner to operate them with a remote control or a smartphone app.

Window Treatment Myth #5: Window Treatments Get in the Way

Homeowners might believe that a window treatment will make the house too dark or prevent them from enjoying their view of the outside. Some might fear that a window treatment will ruin the room’s look.

These homeowners overlook the fact that they are in control of their window treatment design. They can customize their window treatment to let in as much light as they want. If they want privacy or a clear view of the outdoors through a picture window, a window treatment could achieve that. A tailor-made window treatment complements the existing décor rather than replacing it.

From Myth to Reality: Adding a Window Treatment to Your Home

If you’re ready to look beyond a window treatment myth, Made in The Shade Blinds & More – Raleigh can make the process stress-free. We won’t pressure you to buy. In our free consultation, we’ll talk with you about how to make the most of the rooms in your home and let you decide where to go from there. Contact us today to get started.