Options for Covering Patio, French, & Sliding Glass Doors

What are my options for covering patio, french and sliding glass doors?

We are often asked by customers for suggestions on covering patio, french, and sliding glass doors.  Many are under the impression that the only options are blinds-be it the old style plastic vertical blind or even a traditional horizontal wood blind that can feel bulky in some situations.  However there are so many options available to home and business owners seeking style, functionality, and privacy, all in a variety of price points.  

Here are 5 to consider:

Vertical Sheers

If you are seeking an elegant, classic look, vertical sheers are a great choice.  Also known as Sheer Shades or Luminette’s, vertical sheers are a combination of sheer draperies and vertical blinds.  They create ambient light using textured front sheers with fabric or metal accented vanes.  When the vanes are tilted closed, they provide total privacy.  And when open, they offer a beautiful light filtering view to the outside, along with providing UV protection when both open and closed!  A great complement to vertical sheers are horizontal sheers.

Vertical Sheers for Patios & Sliding Glass Doors

Honeycomb Shades

Also known as Cellular Shades, Honeycomb shades are an excellent choice for french or patio doors and come in a multitude of sizes and fabrics.  The fabrics stack tightly for less view obstruction, and leave the least amount of light gap on the sides.  Honeycombs provide UV protection, privacy, and can be customized with light filtering or blackout fabrics or even a combination of both!  They offer superior insulation which in turn means better temperature control and energy efficiency, along with noise reduction.  No wands, chains or cords!  Lift and lower by hand effortlessly.  Even the corded option is child safe and easy to use.  With a wide range of colors and fabrics, along with the clean look and affordability, Honeycomb Shades are one of the best solutions available for both doors and windows.

Honeycombs on patio and sliding glass doors


Although shutters are incredibly popular in the southeast, including here in the Triangle, most people do not think of them as a possibility for covering a patio or sliding glass door.  Shutters come in all shapes and sizes.  Two options, Bi Fold & By Pass, will enhance the equity in your largest investment, all while being functional, durable, and adding a custom finished look to your home or business.

shutters for french doors

Types of Shutters for Covering Your French or Sliding Glass Door

  • Bi Fold:Bi Fold shutter track systems are great for patio, sliding glass doors, closet doors,  or even large windows, as it allows the shutters to slide, with panels that can open from right or left, and fold back off the window against the wall.  This provides nearly full access to your door or window.

    bi fold shutters for patio and sliding glass doors

  • ByPass:Bypass shutter track systems are designed for large window and door openings, along with being a great solution as a room divider, especially if you are looking for privacy between rooms but do not want to build a permanent wall.  Panels slide past one another on tracks to open and close with ease.

    bypass shutters for patio and sliding glass doors

Natural or Woven Vertical Draperies

Woven wood shades have become increasingly popular as of late for their natural, earthy tone. They blend perfectly in both traditional and modern style homes and offices.  When turned vertically, these shades become natural drapery for your sliding door.  These shades are becoming one of the most popular window treatments for offices or homes.  They come in a variety of colors, trim and material options.  Woven wood shades are available with liners that provide light filtering or blackout shades.

vertical woven natural woods for patio and sliding glass doors

Exterior Shades

By putting solar shades on the outside of your door versus the inside, you will retain 100% of your view. This also results in having the cleanest look, minimal light gaps,  and efficient way to control room temperature!  Want to lower your utility bill? Blocking the sun before it enters the glass of your doors and windows is the most effective way!  Exterior fabrics are designed to withstand the elements, and come with warranties.  With 2 types of motorized options-Solar & Plug In, along with a Manual option, these are an excellent solution for all home styles.

exterior roller shades