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Sun-blocking solar shades for a pool house in Raleigh NC

One of the most common problems we are called on to solve is how to effectively block sun glare without blocking the view. At Made in the Shade Raleigh, we solve this problem with solar shades.

Solar shades can be installed as interior or exterior window coverings. No matter how you install them, solar shades provide relief from heat, control sun glare and protect you from UV rays.

Solar shades work to control three types of solar radiation:

  1. Infrared rays, or heat. They help decrease heat gain through an open space. It does this by reflecting some of the infrared rays back to the outside. Solar shades provide one additional layer between the outside and the space where heat can be reflected or absorbed, preventing it from entering the room. 
  2. Visible spectrum rays, or light. Sun glare can ruin a comfortable room. Solar shades help reduce glare and help manage the natural light coming into the space to make sure your comfort levels stay high! Solar shades work for your windows like sunglasses work for your eyes. They help control the brightness without blocking your view.
  3. UV rays, or the stuff that can damage our bodies. Just like we protect ourselves from UV rays while outside, we should do the same while inside, especially in spaces that let in a lot of natural light. Did you know that UV rays can also damage home materials and finishes with long-term exposure? This kind of fading is called photodegradation and solar shades help reduce this kind of damage.

Our client needed all of these problems solved for her in her ITB Raleigh pool house. She wanted to be able to enjoy her pool house to watch tv, read and relax. But the glare and heat from the sun were preventing this. While there was no glass in the windows, there was an open space that needed to be covered. 

Made in the Shade recommended retractable exterior solar shades to control the natural light and temperature in her pool house. We installed three exterior manually retractable solar shades, which can also withstand high winds and outdoor elements

For this project, the client selected a 3% opacity level. The opacity, or fabric density, dictates the amount of UV and glare protection. The lower the number, the higher the protection with 1% offering the highest level of protection. We also installed a bronze metal headbox that hides the shade roll and the brackets at the top. This gives the installation a finished look. A cable-guided system was the final touch to help keep the shades stable and in place.

Project Information:

Project budget: $6,000

Time for project completion: 4 weeks

Products used: Insolroll Exterior Solar Shades

Fabric/Color: Maui Chestnut 3% Opacity

Other materials: Bronze metal headbox that hides the shade roll and brackets at the top. Cable guided system keeps the shades stable and in place.

Operation: Manual Crank

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