privacy shutters for home office

Beautiful privacy shutters for New York-style brownstone in Raleigh, NC

Did you know that shutters are the only window treatments that increase the value of your home? Shutters are considered a fixed installation and therefore contribute to the resale value. Shutters also enhance a room’s overall aesthetics and give it an upgraded look. Plantation shutters, installed on a window’s interior, create a classic, timeless look that is often appealing to the homebuyer. The style and functionality of privacy shutters are often sought after and can, in turn, lead to a higher appraisal value of your home. 

Privacy shutters are often a solution for living spaces that require privacy and light control. Shutters are often the first choice for homeowners because of their aesthetic appeal. At Made in the Shade Raleigh we work with vendors like Norman USA, known for their superior craftsmanship and shutters for windows of all shapes and sizes. 

Homeowners love shutters for their homes because of their aesthetic quality and timeless look that never goes out of style! They also add to the home’s curb appeal, which was a major factor in this project. 

Privacy Shutters for Home Office

Our client owns a brownstone townhome in Raleigh, NC. The office is street-level, and the homeowner needed privacy during the work day. The exterior window frames are black, and the current window shades were white. We recommended black shutters to enhance the curb appeal and create a more high-end look for his windows. As you can see in the photo gallery, the black shutters have a more seamless look than the white shutters in his neighbors’ windows. 

The homeowner had previously hired a competing company to install shutters in the office windows. However, after completing the project, he noticed they were ill-fitting and didn’t function as desired. From a neighbor’s recommendation, he contacted Made in the Shade Raleigh, and we could offer him a custom installation of black plantation shutters in the office space. 

Plantation shutters don’t just offer good looks. They are functional in controlling the light that enters the space and creates adjustable privacy for a room. You can adjust the louvers, the horizontal slats that make up the shutter, to let in the desired light. Or they can be closed completely to minimize the amount of natural light allowed into the space.

Shutters also assist in the temperature control of a room. The wood louvers create an additional layer of insulation between the window and the room’s ambient temperature, helping to keep a room cooler in the summer. The shutters can be opened in the cooler months to allow sunlight to warm the room. 

Plantation Shutters as a Home Investment

When you invest in shutters, you are investing in a fixture of your home that will last for decades if cared for correctly. Shutters are durable and easy to maintain. Cleaning shutters are as easy as a vacuum with a brush attachment or a hand-held duster. 

When choosing privacy shutters for your home, consider how you need them to function. Are they purely for aesthetics and to enhance the design of the room? Or do you need them for privacy or light-blocking? Then research the many different types of shutters available. Wood, composite and faux wood are available at different price points. Also, consider color and shape. Specialty windows may need a custom-fitted shade which could add time or money to the project. Finally, consider your budget. Shutters are available at a wide range of prices to fit all budgets.

Our client with the brownstone office, needed shutters for french doors, which required a custom piece to fit with the door handle. We chose Norman Woodlore Plus shutters which are known for their durability and lifetime warranty. These shutters were crafted with a Split Tilt design, allowing the homeowner to operate louvers in the top half independently of the bottom half.

Shutters are our specialty! Contact us today for a personalized quote.

Project Information:

Products Used:
Norman Woodlore Plus Shutters
French Door Cutout
Color: Classic Black
Split Tilt- can operate louvers in the top half independent of the bottom half
3.5” louver size
Standard Tilt Bar

Project budget: $2,500

Project duration: 10 weeks  specialty shape shutters are a longer lead time