outdoor window shades

Outdoor window shades for privacy and temperature control

Whether you need them for privacy or temperature control, you’ll love how outdoor window shades enhance your outdoor living space.

An outdoor patio or screened-in porch is a relaxing and refreshing way to spend time in your home. When planning your outdoor space, you’ll want to include a shade option to benefit from the fresh air without being constantly exposed to direct sunlight.

While they can both deliver the same benefits of light-filtering and temperature regulation, outdoor window shades are designed to withstand the weather and elements of the outdoors. They are constructed with features that can withstand wind, rain, and UV light. Even if you are installing shades in an enclosed patio, select exterior shades for durability and longevity. 

Outdoor Window Shades for Screened-In Patio

We love Graber Exterior Solar Shades for outdoor projects. Our client in Wake Forest wanted to be able to block the direct sunlight without compromising the view from his screened-in porch. And while he wanted to enjoy the view out, he wanted to enhance the privacy of the patio from his neighbors. 

Graber Exterior Solar Shades allow a view out while also filtering the light and blocking harmful UV rays from entering the space. Graber Sun Shades also help control heat gain, keeping your outdoor space cooler in the summer and extending the time you can enjoy your outdoor patio. 

Not only do they block UV light and heat gain, but sun shades also minimize the wind and mist that can enter the space. All the while allowing in beautiful filtered sunlight and fresh air. The addition of exterior shades adds privacy, reduces heat gain and helps save on cooling costs. Additionally, they help protect the furniture on your patio from sun damage. 

At Made in the Shade Raleigh, we would never sacrifice style for function. Sun shades come in various colors and opacity levels to suit your needs. They are durable and can withstand humidity, direct sun exposure and extreme temperatures. All the while they are creating a beautiful space for you to enjoy the outdoors.

Solar Shades and UV Protection

Graber Solar Shades come in varying degrees of openness. The lower the percentage rating, the more UV protection they provide. The higher percentage rating provides a greater view of the outdoors. They come in 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% openness ratings. 

Our client selected the 3% openness rating to get higher UV protection to the space. This opacity level also provides a high level of privacy, which was the desired function for our client.

The Graber Solar Shades are also Green-Guard certified. The Green-Guard certificate guarantees safety and healthy indoor air quality and is a preferred choice amongst customers.

Solar shades are operated with motorized or manual controls. Manual operation includes smooth control with a continuous loop lift. This traditional lift option uses a looped cord to lower and raise your shades. The motorized option offers a safe alternative to cords and effortless operation with a remote. Exterior solar shades are secured with brackets to resist high winds.

View the gallery of before and after photos from our Wake Forest project and contact us today to discuss exterior solutions for your home.

Project Information:

Products Used:
Graber Exterior Solar Shades
Opacity 3%
Fabric/Color: Standard Weave; Once
No top treatment, hold down brackets secure the shades to the porch

Project Budget: $1,600

Project Duration: 5 weeks

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