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Motorized Roller Shades for a Modern Home in Raleigh, NC

Homeowners often balance function with aesthetics when choosing their homes’ features. That includes window treatments. Most of the time, window treatments are chosen to solve a problem: privacy, sun glare, temperature control, etc. Motorized roller shades with light-filtering design are a great solution.

There are specific solutions for each function. And these requirements vary from room to room. The design and aesthetics often vary from room to room as well. What works for a formal dining room often doesn’t fit a home office or bedroom. 

Most of our Made in the Shade Raleigh clients choose different window treatments for each room. We work to create consistency in style and color to flow through the home’s decor but the type of window treatment changes. 

Our client inside the beltline in Raleigh was the exception! And we were up to the task. This homeowner ITB Raleigh had a modern-style home. Their aesthetic included clean lines and simple luxury. And they needed window treatments that reflected their style. 

This project had three requirements: the style needed to reflect their modern aesthetics, they needed to provide privacy from the neighbors and ease of use was a must. Our homeowners wanted to be able to open all the shades at the same time or easily operate the desired shades on demand.

Motorized Roller Shades for ITB Raleigh Home

For this home, we chose Alta Motorized Roller Shades. Alta is a preferred vendor at Made in the Shade Raleigh for their luxury designs and superior quality. One of our most popular fabric lines is the Linview in New York Grey from Alta. These shades provide light filtering and create a high-end look for windows. Because of their design, they create a minimal look that compliments the home’s modern aesthetics. 

Alta Roller Shades work well on their own or paired with draperies for increased light control. They are sleek and elegant to go with all types of homes. 

For the top treatment, we went with white metal fascia, which houses the roller brackets and motor and gives a finished look. The motorized function allows the shades to operate at the touch of a button. You can control all shades at once or individually. 

The Bliss rechargeable motor is easy to set up and operate. Clients love how it lasts a long time before needing to be charged – up to a year on a single charge! This also saves from having to buy batteries. The motorized shades can be operated by a remote or from an app on your smartphone. 

For this project, we covered the entire home with motorized solar shades. It’s not uncommon for clients to select numerous different products, operating styles and colors throughout the home. This client wanted the same product color and operating style throughout.

Whether you have room-specific needs or want a continuous design and function throughout the whole house, Made in the Shade Raleigh has the expertise and experience to get you what you need. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Project Information:

Products used:

Alta Motorized Roller Shades

Color/Fabric: Linview New York Grey (Light Filtering)

Top Treatment: White metal fascia which houses the roller brackets and motor and gives a finished look

Operation: Bliss Motor-rechargeable battery(can last up to a year on a single charge); can operate from a remote or phone/tablet

Project budget: $13,000

Project Duration: 5 weeks


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