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How to Control the Sun in Your Sunroom with Light-filtering Shades – Versatile Sun Shades for a North Raleigh Golf Community Home

Sunrooms make a beautiful addition to your house. A room made primarily of windows allows you to bring the outdoors inside. They are great at letting in natural light. But what happens when there is too much sun in your sunroom? Made in the Shade Raleigh recommends light-filtering shades.

Our client came to us with this problem for her home in North Raleigh. The sunroom provided great views of the community golf course and lots of natural light. Sunlights enhanced the experience creating a beautiful space to enjoy the sun.

Controlling Natural Light in Your Home

But too much sun can create heating problems and glare, making the space less enjoyable. For sunrooms, Made in the Shade Raleigh recommends- cellular shades to help control the amount of sun coming into the space.. 

For this project, we recommended cellular shades to control glare and help with temperature control. Cellular shades are constructed with honeycomb pockets that create an extra layer of insulation between the window glass and the ambient temperature in the room, helping to keep the space cool in warm months and warmer in cooler seasons.

Light-filtering Shades

Norman USA is one of our preferred vendors for window treatments. They have superior craftsmanship in their products, a wide variety of colors and fabrics and the best warranty on the market. We chose to install Norman DecoFlex Cellular shades with Smart Fit for this project. 

These shades have a top down bottom up cordless operation and are installed with a shutter frame, giving a clean, built-in look. The video below shows the versatility of these shades. They allow the homeowner to control the sun glare at any time of the day while also allowing natural light into the space. 

This feature gives the homeowner complete control over the regulation of the sun into the space. No matter where the sun is in the sky, the shades can be adjusted to block direct sun from hitting screens or getting in their eyes. As the sun moves, the shades can be adjusted to create the desired ambiance in the space.

For the skylights, we installed a motorized solution. The sunlights were fitted with Alta motorized cellular shade. These shades are opened and closed with a remote and filter the light coming in through the window. This helped control glare and regulated the room temperature.

This project also included the installation of Hobbled Roman Shades for the main foyer area. This area also had a lot of sunlight that came in through the windows. Roman shades add an elegant aesthetic to the room and block natural light when needed.

Sunrooms are meant to be sunny! But for those times you need to be in control of the light, cellular sunshades are a great option. They are attractive, functional and easy to operate.

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Project Information:

Products used: 

Norman Deco flex with smartfit.

This is a top down bottom up cordless ⅜ in cell shaded housed in a shutter frame. It  gives a built in look to the cellular shades and is a clean fit; color:marshmallow

Also used Alta motorized cell shade skylights.

Alta ⅜” cellular shades for skylight windows, light filtering, color: cotton; battery operated simplicity motor, operated with a remote

Horizon Hobbled Roman Shades, cordless operation, color: Deerfield Pale Almond

Project budget: $10,000

Project duration: 6-8 weeks


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