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Achieving a Balanced Look: Tips on Successfully Pairing Curtains with Shutters

Shutters alone may look great, but when combined with curtains, they can offer a host of advantages. The combination of curtains and wood shutters is a great way to achieve a beautiful and balanced look for any home. This combination provides both visual appeal and practicality, making it a perfect choice for any room. Curtains add a touch of elegance and warmth, while shutters provide privacy and insulation. When used together, these two window treatments can create a stunning effect that will improve any space’s overall look and feel.

When it comes to interior design, the combination of curtains and wood shutters can be a great way to achieve a balanced look for any home. While both these window treatments have their own unique advantages and purposes, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you create a harmonious combination of these two elements.

What are the Benefits of Pairing Curtains with Wood Shutters?

Not only do curtains help to maintain the temperature, but they can also help to muffle sound, lower light levels and provide insulation. When curtains with thick lining are added to the mix, they can even create a blackout effect, which can help save on energy bills and create a peaceful atmosphere ideal for sleeping. As a result, shutters and curtains can be a great pair that bring a number of benefits to the home.

Tips for Achieving a Balanced Look

When pairing curtains with shutters, it is important to ensure a balanced look. This can be achieved by considering the following tips:

1. Choose your shutters first.

When looking to pair shutters with curtains for your window designs, it is recommended to install the shutters first. This is particularly helpful when decorating bare windows as they will provide both privacy and protection right away and be the more permanent fixture of the two. It also makes the installation process easier since there won’t be any fabrics or curtain poles to move or rearrange. Installing your shutters first allows you to properly position the curtain pole above the shutter frame.

We recommend browsing our gallery of shutters for ideas regarding shutter styles that would work for you. Choosing a more neutral color for the shutters is recommended, as this can easily be adapted to different room designs and curtain patterns. If you plan to resell your property, selecting white shutters is a good choice as it is more versatile than brighter colors, although we have a wide range of color options available. Consider which shutter style would be best for you.

2. Select your curtains.

Curtains are a beautiful way to add color and pattern to the room. Because curtains are typically drawn back most of the time, you can go bold and still keep a balance in the aesthetics of the decor. 

To gain access to your shutters and let the light in, utilize hanging panels instead of roman shades or roller shades. This way, you can appreciate the beauty curtains provide to your room and easily move them aside to open your shutters. Additionally, you can conveniently exchange them if you want to change your room decor.

3. Mount the curtain rod.

The rule of thumb designers follow is to mount the curtain rod at least six inches above the window and at least six inches outward from the window. You want the curtain rod to be long enough that the curtains can be pushed open all the way to the side in order to operate the shutters,

Mounting the curtain rod higher and closer to the ceiling adds visual height to the room and makes the windows appear taller than they are. 

When choosing the rod height and the curtain’s length, aim to adjust the height so that the bottom of the curtains kiss the floor.

4. Add the final touches

Once you have chosen the right size, color, texture and style of curtains and wood shutters, it is important to add some final touches to create a perfect combination. This can be done by adding accessories such as tiebacks, valances, and pelmets. These accessories can add a touch of elegance and personality to the overall look.

In addition, it is also important to consider the hardware used to hang the curtains and wood shutters. You may want to opt for hardware that matches the overall design aesthetic of the room. This will ensure a cohesive look.

Mixing products for a new home in Cary

Mixing products, such as shutters, cellular shades and curtains, are a great way to achieve client goals. Our client wanted a single panel on each window for her shutters. We used Norman Woodlore Plus shutters. They are a wood composite shutter known for their durability and lightweight construction. To complete the look, we helped them choose curtains to compliment the decor and bring warmth to the space.

The homeowners also had cellular shades installed in the master bedroom and on a French door. 

The combination of curtains and shutters can create a beautiful and balanced look for any home. When pairing these two elements, it is important to consider the size, color, texture and style of the two elements. It is also important to consider the functionality and the latest design trends. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a harmonious combination of curtains and wood shutters that will improve any space’s overall look and feel.

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Norman Woodlore Plus Shutters
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3 ½” louvers
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Norman 1 1/4 “ Cellular Shade
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Norman ⅜” Cellular Shade with shutter frame for french door
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