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5 benefits of custom window shades

When making choices about the function and style of your home, you do your research. From pain colors to specialty fixtures, homeowners consult magazines, experts and influencers. It makes sense that when choosing window treatments, you weigh the benefits of professional custom window shades over ready-made DIY options. 

Window treatments refer to the interior decorations for window frames. However, window shades provide more than just decoration. They have the ability to block out unwanted light, create privacy, increase the energy efficiency of a home and create a more inviting space. 

Made in the Shade Raleigh offers a wide variety of window blinds and shades. Our professional design consultants help homeowners achieve their style goals for a room and the expert installation team provides professional treatment and installation of window treatments that are unparalleled to a DIY option.

What are the different types of custom window shades?

When it comes to interior window shades, homeowners have lots of options:

  1. Cellular shades We used this top down, bottom up cellular shade function to control the sun in a sunroom for one of our clients. Dual shades offer maximum flexibility in light and shade control into a room. We love them for their perfect balance between comfort and privacy. 
  2. Room darkening shades – Light control and light elimination are the number one requests we have from clients. They want to control the light entering the space, enhancing the comfort of the living or sleeping area. Room darkening shades come in many options to match your home’s aesthetics and design needs.
  3. Solar shades – Improving the home’s energy efficiency is another popular request from homeowners. Honeycomb cellular shades are designed with air pockets that trap air between the window glass and the room. This technology helps regulate the temperature in a room and assists in reducing cooling costs. 
  4. Roman shadesRoman Shades combine a fine drapery’s soft elegance with a shade’s ease and convenience. Their traditional and timeless look beautifully showcases natural textures and unique patterns to add softness, romance, or boldness to any room or décor.
  5. Woven shadesWoven Wood Shades (also known as Natural Shades) add a warm, rich dimension to any room, whether hanging flat in the fully lowered position, or raised, creating even, overlapping folds. Their appearance is relaxed and inviting and adds so much to any decor for your home or office.

5 benefits of custom window shades

1. Precise measurements

If you choose the ready-made DIY window shade option, you’ll be limited in the size and shapes of the window shade. Store-bought shades are limited in the options available. If your windows are a unique shape, you will most likely not find an exact fit.

With professional custom shades, your windows are measured, and mounts can be custom-made to create an ideal fit for your windows.

Our client in Cary had a very narrow window depth. But she wanted an inside mount to create a clean, finished appearance. With custom shades, we could fit the mounts exactly to her specifications. 

2. Professional treatment and installation

When you choose Made in the Shade Raleigh for your custom window shades, you also receive personalized design consultation. It’s like having an interior designer at your disposal! They are here to help you choose the best shades to meet your style and home aesthetic. They also help you choose shades that match your preferences, such as light quality and energy efficiency. 

Choosing professional installation also means that there are experts available to make custom adjustments. For our client in Cary, we had to make a few adjustments on-site to get the best fit in her windows. These kinds of adjustments are often not an option with store-bought shades.

3. Lots of design options

With custom window shades, you can choose from a wide range of colors, textures, fabrics, and finishes giving you endless options for your home. Store-bought shades come in a very limited selection of colors and fabrics, and your home looks like everyone else’s. 

4. More energy efficiency

The right window treatments can reduce heat loss, create a more comfortable space and reduce energy bills. Ready-made shades are often not the right fit and you’re limited on the materials to choose from. 

With custom shades, we help you select the best materials to help increase the energy efficiency of your home. Custom shades are precisely measured to ensure an ideal fit and create a more energy-efficient space.

5. Superior craftsmanship and warranty

The old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” And that goes for window shades as well. When you choose custom window treatments, you are choosing a superior quality product and a warranty that goes along with it. 

Our client in Cary chose custom window shades for all of the above mentioned reasons. This homeowner had two-story windows and wanted to be able to control the light coming in. She loved the look of woven shades, and because of their height, we recommend a motorized option. Meeting her aesthetic needs was important, and the woven wood roman shades matched her style and gave her the privacy she needed. 

If you’re ready to learn more about custom window treatments for your home, give Made in the Shade Raleigh a call for a free consultation.


Contact Made in the Shade at 919-576-0095 today for beautiful custom window treatments. We are veteran-owned and operated—ask about our military discounts.

Project Information

Project products:
Graber Woven Wood ( Natural Shade Collection)
Fabric/Color: Designer Moniz, Color Finland
Style Shade: Old World Style Roman Shade using Natural Wood
No Valance
Motor: Battery operated motor, many with double tubes due to the weight of the shades

Project Budget: $10,000

Project Duration: 5 weeks


Contact Made in the Shade at 919-576-0095 today for beautiful custom window treatments. We are veteran-owned and operated—ask about our military discounts.