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Best Window Covering Solutions in 2022

Are you looking for the best window covering options for 2022? Our team at Made in the Shade Blinds & More Raleigh can recommend options that work best for your home or business in Raleigh. Go over your choices in more detail by calling us at 919-576-0095 or booking an appointment conveniently online.  

1. Best Overall Blinds: Norman Ultimate Cordless Faux Wood Blind

 Are you looking for the best overall blind for your home or business? Made in the Shade Blinds & More, Raleigh recommends the new Ultimate Faux Wood Blind from Norman. This blind provides the tightest closure and light control on the market, along with a light-block pivoting rail. Self-leveling technology and smooth operation mean user-friendly for everyone. Norman Ultimate Blinds offer more extensive size options without sacrificing performance. Child safe and elderly-friendly. The valance-free option gives homeowners a streamlined look, taking up the least amount of window space. For those that prefer a top treatment, select from a traditional  3 1/4 inch Designer Crown Valance or a Modern 2 1/2 inch Curved Valance. Pure White in a smooth finish with no valance is one of the popular selections as it closely matches most homeowners’ window trim.

  • 2 1/2 inch slat size
  • Cordless design
  • Available in 16 colors & finishes, including wood tone
  • Select from 2 Valance Options or Valance Free

 These faux wood blinds look great and improve the aesthetics of your room without impacting your budget like a wood blind.

Norman Ultimate Faux Wood Blind

2. Best Overall Sheer Shades: Graber Overture Sheer Shades

Graber has invested significant time & money in expanding & improving its Sheer Shade offering in recent years, making their brand one of the best values on the market for this high-end, luxurious window treatment. Sheer shades block almost all of the harmful UV rays that come into your home while still allowing light to filter in, keeping your home bright & inviting and also private. Sheer material is woven as one continuous piece of fabric with no visible seams, stitches, or adhesives. When closed, the shade disappears into a sleek fabric-wrapped cassette for a sophisticated look for the most discerning client. While there are many fabric options to choose from, one of our favorites is the Gleasner Stationary. This option provides a more budget-friendly price point without sacrificing quality or style. Light color with a stunning sheer material.  

  • Vane sizes of 2 inches, 2 3/4 inches & 3 inch 
  • Operating mechanisms include manual Continuous Loop Cord & Motorized options.
  • Fabric-wrapped cassette valance to provide a finished look
  • Horizontal & Vertical applications

Sheer shades are one of the most exclusive window treatment options available. They are great as a standalone product or a perfect complement with custom draperies.

Graber Sheer Shades

3. Best Overall Natural/Woven Wood Shades: ALTA’s Natural Woven Shades

Alta’s color, texture, & natural tapestry of materials provides clients with a variety of options to meet their style preference & budget. With over 65 selections to choose from, clients have an assortment of whites, neutrals, & gray tones to complement their home or business. Natural or Woven Shades have become increasingly popular. Select Weaves are natural textiles infused with organic yarns. Grass Weaves look like natural grasses with the consistency of woven textiles. And finally, Woven Woods include natural materials such as bamboo, reeds, & jutes. One fabric option our Design Consultants and clients alike love is Select Weave Cano Cream. Edge bindings provide durability, structure, & a finished look.

  • Available in Cordless, Corded, & Motorized
  • Come in a standard bottom-up lift system or a flexible top-down bottom-up solution w/more light & privacy options.
  • Available on two and three-on-one headrail systems for a polished look
  • Available with a Light Filtering, Room Darkening, or no Liner

Impress your friends and family with Woven Wood Shades from Made in the Shade Blinds & More Raleigh.

Woven Wood Natural Shades

4. Best Overall Exterior Shades: Graber’s Exterior Solar Shades

Made in the Shade Blinds & More Raleigh proudly offer Graber’s extensive selection of high-quality exterior solar shades. Designed and fabricated specifically to withstand the outdoor elements, Graber’s product lineup is diverse & budget-friendly. Protect your exterior furniture from fading due to harmful UV rays, lower your energy costs, & provide a comfortable setting for your outdoor living space. Weather-resistant, energy-efficient, & durable. While Graber’s exterior solar shades do not go as wide as some of the other manufacturers we carry, their product lineup is adequate for most exterior openings. The Vanguard fabric style has been one of our best sellers. Those looking for a brown tone choose Pendulum, while those looking for a grayer color palette go with Chrome. Our most popular opacity selection is 5%. This provides most spaces with enough light & glare block without sacrificing the view.

  • Operating styles include continuous cord loop & motorized
  • Opacity options include 1%, 3%, 5%, & 10%
  • A cable guide system or hold-down brackets secure the shades

Enhancing the outdoor living space is a great way to add flexibility and equity to your home. Exterior Solar Shades from Made in the Shade Blinds & More Raleigh will provide the style, function, & durability you need.


5. Best Motorization: Alta’s Bliss Motor

When it comes to motorization, there are countless options by a variety of vendors. Motorization is a good solution for hard-to-reach windows, when there are many windows that a client anticipates operating daily, and when a client wants home automation. Motorization options include battery-operated, plug-in motors, hard-wired, and, more recently, rechargeable motors. Different motors are appropriate for different situations. Alta’s Bliss motor is one of the best-valued motorized products on the market. It’s a quiet rechargeable motor, often can go a year or more before needing to be recharged, depending upon use. Alta’s Bliss Motor works with various window shading options, including wider openings. Made in the Shade Blinds & More Raleigh love selling Alta’s Bliss Motor because it exceeds client expectations, is easy to program, and is a great overall value.

  • Operates using a remote, via smartphone or tablet, wall switch, and voice control
  • Integrates with w/a variety of home automation providers, including but not limited to Apple Home, Control 4, Google Home, & Amazon Alexa
  • Quiet motor
  • Program window coverings on a timer, schedule, and a multitude of configurations
  • A magnetic charging kit makes charging effortless
  • User friendly

Contact Made in the Shade Blinds & More Raleigh to see our previous motorized projects and discuss the pros and cons of motorized window coverings.

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