benefits of window treatment motorization

The Amazing Benefits of Window Treatment Motorization

Did you realize you can also have automated window treatments? Smart homes and smart businesses have been around for a few years now, with automation on many different items for your convenience. Many homeowners and business owners don’t realize that their window coverings can also be motorized and added to their smart homes and businesses. Read on to learn about all the amazing benefits of window treatment motorization.

Affordable and Popular Too

As with anything else that newly hits the consumer market, when items are first introduced, they are more expensive and harder to obtain–and there are always some kinks to work out on how they operate. Since there are several innovative brands on the market of automated blinds, the price has become much more affordable because of competitive pricing. The newer generations of window treatment motorization have produced motors that are more reliable and much quieter when they operate as well, such as the Z-Wave motor by Graber. You can also benefit from adding rechargeable battery packs with more charge than other brands instead of needing to purchase new batteries as in the older models, and you don’t need to hardwire your motor into your electrical system. All of these items give you reliability and power you can trust from Made In The Shade Raleigh.


Options in Operation

You can open and close your window treatments with a button on a handheld remote control, on a wall control, or with a free app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Open and close windows in banks or individually or program a scene into your system and your window treatments will automatically open and close on a pre-set schedule. You can adjust your window coverings when you aren’t at home from any smart device with the app, so if you forget to close your blinds, you can close them remotely.

Increases Your Privacy and Security

Having your window treatments set up to close when you are away from home keeps prying eyes from peering into your windows to deter thieves. It adds an entirely new level of security and privacy if your window treatments are closed at night when you are sleeping.


Energy Efficiency at Its Best

Sun censoring controls can determine when to open and close your window treatments based on the temperature you set to trigger them to operate for the best energy efficiency. Having your window treatments automatically close when it’s warm and the sun is beaming inside will reduce your electrical costs for heating and cooling all year round. You can also have your window treatments open in the winter when the sunlight is out to add some needed warmth to your home or office and take advantage of free lighting from the sun.

Integration of Window Treatment Motorization

Window treatments are another layer of home automation systems that many people are taking advantage of. Our expert installers can integrate your automated window treatments with your existing systems in your home or office. Many models can also be voice-operated by your home assistant, such as Alexa, for your convenience.

Longer Life Span of Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments open and close gently, so you will get a much longer life span out of them than if you are operating them by hand. Innovation plus longevity is a win-win situation.

Child Safety and Easy to Operate


Automatic window coverings don’t have dangling cords, so they are safe for children and pets without a choking hazard. Another excellent use for this type of product is for very tall windows, behind furniture, such as a couch, or for older people or disabled people who have difficulty operating window treatments by hand.

Save Your Valuable Time Every Day

Most people and businesses open their window treatments in the mornings and close them at night for privacy and security. When you have several windows in your home or business, it takes time to walk to each window and open and close them physically. Think of the time you can save daily without needing to do this manually, and you will have it Made In The Shade!!