Benefits of Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

What are the benefits of “Honeycomb” or Cellular Shades?

Multitude of Design Options


Cellular, often known as Honeycomb shades, are some of the most versatile choices for window coverings and one of our favorite products.  They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and opacity levels, and are great options for any window size or shape, including arches and doors, and skylights.  Smaller windows and doors may be better served with a smaller cell size, such as 3/8in.  For those wanting the look of larger cells can select from 3/4in, 1 1/4in, and even a 2in, which is suitable for extra large windows and those wanting a more dramatic effect.  Cellular shades can even be turned vertically for a perfect solution to covering your sliding glass doors.



When it comes to color options, Honeycombs provide an almost unlimited number to choose from.  Some prefer to match their trim, while others want a more textured look. For those wanting the look of fabric without the fuss, choose a designer pattern that can add color and charm to any room style.  The possibilities are endless.



Opacity levels range from Sheer, which lets in the most light with least amount of privacy, to Room Darkening, which performs exactly as the name suggests, and is a popular option for bedrooms and movie rooms.  Who knew there could be so many fashionable blackout options!  In between are Light Filtering and Semi Opaque.  Those wanting the look of sheer shades without the cost may choose opacity level Sheer, while those who want some light but also privacy may go for Light Filtering or Semi Opaque.  And for those that need more than one, how about 2 shades in one?!?


Often known as Dual Shades, Perfect View, or Day and Night Shades, this solution is perfect for the client that wants it all.  Privacy, view, and design!  This provides the utmost flexibility in managing your view and the style of your room with two shades.  Believe it or not, two shades in one are extremely easy to operate.


Safe, Durable, and Ease of Operation


No matter the room type or budget, with their multiple lifting options, Cellular Shades got you covered!  Cordless lift eliminates hanging cords and lets client position shade exactly where they want, and allows for ease of use and child and pet safety.  For a more cost effective approach, try continuous cord loop, standard cord lock, or a retractable cord.  For the client that wants the most convenience and efficiency, try motorizing your shades.  Control them from your phone or tablet, remote, or even a wireless battery operated wall mount!  With a quiet energy efficient motor, program your shades exactly the way you want.


Energy Efficient & Noise Reduction


Cellular shades are probably best known for the insulation they add to the window.  Due to their shape and material, they create a pocket in front of the window that traps heat.  You can even choose a double cell for added insulation and noise reduction. The ability to resist the transfer of heat is known as R-Value.  The higher the R- Value the more efficient the shade.  Cellular shades have some of the highest R-values on the market.  Keep the heat out during the summer, and the heat in during the winter.  And keep more money in your pocket with lower utility bills.  


In an apt building or near a busy road?  Just like trapping heat before it enters a window, cellular shades’ shape and material allow for excellent sound absorption.
If you are in the market for window coverings, please consider honeycomb/cellular shades.  They give a warm, soft look to any room, retract with a very small stack which means more view, and give the appearance of a clean modern look, along with also coordinating well with draperies, which complement a traditional atmosphere. The color, fabric, and style options are endless, they are easy to clean and surprisingly durable.  The energy efficiency and multitude of options in every price point make these a win for any client and any room.