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Beautiful Custom Window Blinds in Raleigh

Custom window blinds work wonders in your windows in Raleigh, North Carolina! You will find at least one window blind that you genuinely love to have in Made in the Shade Blinds & More Raleigh! You have so many different choices in the materials, colors, and styles from which to choose.

Custom Made Window Blinds

When you choose custom-made window blinds, you are choosing a product that never goes out of style, and it can be used as a standalone window treatment, or you can choose to soften the appearance by adding drapery panels or a soft and flowing valance at the top of them. Window blinds are an energy-efficient product that will insulate your windows when they are closed. You can easily adjust your lighting, privacy, and heat gain by opening or closing them. You can also have filtered light by adjusting the vanes as well.

Custom-made means a custom fit that we at Made In The Shade Raleigh will guarantee to fit perfectly, even if you have specialty-shaped windows such as circles, arches, or any other shape imaginable. We guarantee our products because we only carry the top name brands of exquisite products to make sure they last you for many years to come. Window blinds are very easy to keep clean with an occasional wipe of a feather duster, so they look new for many years.

Wonderful Wood Blinds

wonderful wood blindsHardwood window blinds are an attractive option in window treatments for Raleigh homeowners. Real wood immediately upgrades any room in your home to elegant and timeless decor. They are naturally energy efficient because of the cells in hardwood trees and your blinds. Wood blinds allow you to match them identically to any color of paint or stain that you wish to match other amenities in your home. You may choose to match the stain on your trim, or you can choose to have them painted in a color that matches your current decor. Some homeowners love the addition of a custom wood valance or cornice with hardwood blinds to make it a focal point of beauty in any space. Wood blinds have wider slats than other types of blinds to give them more of a shutter appearance for elegance and beauty and at a fraction of the cost of shutters.

Fabulous Faux Wood Blinds

fabulous faux wood blinds
Faux wood blinds look identical to real wood blinds, but they have several advantages over hardwood. They are made especially for high humidity and moisture areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms. They resist cracking, chipping, warping, fading, discoloring, peeling, and breaking in warm and moist climates. Faux wood blinds match any decor, and they can also be stained or painted in any color you wish to match your decor seamlessly. You get all of these remarkable qualities, and they are also at a lower price point than hardwood blinds.

Stylish Modern Aluminum Blinds

stylish modern aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds have come a long way since the first mini blinds in white and off-white hit the market years ago. Mini blinds have 1/2-inch vanes and are still available for smaller windows. You can choose from wider vanes in 1 and 2-inch styles that look much better in oversized windows because the mini blinds look too busy in a large window. Aluminum window blinds for Raleigh are sleek and have clean lines with a wide selection of colors available now and different finishes to make them suitable for any decor you may have. Aluminum blinds are lightweight and durable, great for affordability and functionality, and they work well for residential and commercial settings.

Vertical Blinds for Vast Expanses of Glass

vertical blinds for vast expanses of glass

If you have large picture windows, which are popular here in Raleigh, or a sliding glass door, then vertical blinds are the perfect window covering for you. Vertical blinds were made especially for large expanses of glass because horizontal blinds would wear out the lifting mechanism prematurely because of the sheer weight of the blinds. Vertical blinds make your rooms taller because they open and close side to side. Custom vertical blinds can stack to either side of your window or door that you choose. You can rotate the vertical vanes to adjust your light and give you excellent lighting control. Vertical blinds are also very easy to keep clean because the dust doesn’t settle on them as it does with horizontal blinds. You also have many options in the materials with this type of blind, from vinyl, fabric, wood, and even woven wood materials for a more casual feel in a room.

More Options for Custom Window Blinds in Raleigh

Besides the materials that your window blinds are made from, you have many other options. At Made In The Shade Raleigh, we can add beautiful fabric tape trims to your blinds to add interest in rich solid colors or decorative patterns to match your interior perfectly.

You can add softness to your window blinds with a valance at the top for an added pop of color in your spaces. If you want a show-stopping effect in your windows, you can add drapery panels, side panels, and a valance over your blinds to make them more functional, over the top beautiful, and energy-efficient. Some homeowners and business owners like the appearance of all wood, and they will add custom wood valances or cornices to wood and faux wood blinds for more natural beauty.

Choose a cordless lift system for child and pet safety with no dangling cords to harm them or add motorization. Your window blinds are integrated into your Smart home or business and operate on a programmed schedule.

No matter what type of custom window blinds you are in the market for, at Made In The Shade Raleigh, we can help you find the perfect solution for your needs. We offer a FREE in-home or in-business consultation with an experienced designer who takes samples for you, fabricates your custom window treatments, and even installs them for you professionally. You’ve found a turnkey product that simplifies your process for your peace of mind, and you’ve got it Made In The Shade!

Wood blinds never go out of style. You can use them as a standalone treatment or add other soft treatments, such as a fabric valance or a colorful cornice at the top of your window to hide the operating mechanism for a beautiful product.